Dunfa International is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cold forming parts . Founded in 1986 , we keep researching and developing new products over 20 years experience. We also keep updating manufacturing facilities
for promoting quality and service. Besides ,   with our strict management and serious  working attitude all these will convince you to have a strong confidence with our products . Our reliable quality has earned the satisfaction of both domestic and overseas customers. Strong competitive price , best service and delivery on time are promise.
Founded: 1986
Capital: NTD 50,000,000
Production of annual: 21,000 (tons)
Employees: 70
Land Area: 9920m²
Turnover: 5 hundred million
Main products:
Finish parts of Semi-finish parts of Cold Forming parts
Auto/ Motorcycle/ Bike Parts
Bushes/ Rollers/ Spacers
Building parts
Machine parts
Weld parts, Special Nuts
Anchors, Sockets
Founded, began to manufacture BIT
Expanded factory, increased machinery, developed new
product (Nuts) and new materials (6150, 8660, S2 etc.)
on the product of BIT
Developed new product : Anchors
Developed new product : 1/4 Short Sockets
Inaugurated the new factory ( present factory), increased
machinery to manufacture the new specification (3/8, 1/2)
Developed the high quality material (SCM440) on Sockets product and new product : Machine Parts
2002 - Continually developed new product : Motorcycle Parts and Bike Parts
Purchased the first JERN YAO JNB 41B 6S Parts Former and developed Long Sockets
Purchased several machineries (32B 6S, 32B 7S… etc.) to complete the production line of Long Sockets, developed new product toward the direction of Special Parts.
Continuously exploited many OEM order for Auto Parts
Purchased the JERN YAO JNB 45B 6S Parts Former, completed the manufacturing equipment of our company to be able to develop all Cold Forming Parts
  1. Fully satisfy customers’ request.
  2. According to our customers’ design or co-design together in an innovative production process,
    we find the best – value way and provide customers low price, high quality.
  3. We record and submit quality control documents/ PPAP.
  4. Large, medium and small-sized machines of production equipment, unbeatable efficiency.
  5. Keeping the leading status permanently of research and development.
  6. The basic guarantee of quality is our service.
  7. Rapidity, safety and guarantee in delivery.
  8. Competitiveness price.
Address: No.8-23, Fu-An, Alian Dist., Kaohsiung City 822, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-7-6331188 / FAX: FAX: 886-7-6333456